Honor Eternity Ring sa-10 Women's Silicone Wedding Ring Band by HonorGear, 5.5 mm Wide, Premium Wedding Bands Engagement Active Athletes, Non-Toxic, Anti-Bacterial (7), 4 Rings Pack Honor Eternity Ring

$7.97 $8.99 (FREE Shipping)
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  • Perfect alternative to your metal ring: Function without hindrance with your honor ring silicone wedding ring
  • 5.5 mm wide premium flexible material, with a tensile strength surpassing 183n, this perfectly shaped, premium quality
  • Comfortable fit and safe, super lightweight, comfortable, electrically non-conductive and doesn't react to chemicals or acids
  • Skin safe silicone rings: Though it is water-proof, designed to allow for air circulation to prevent moisture trapping & for your skin to breathe
  • Highly durable silicone wedding ring, whether you wear it through heavy lifting or rough work
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