IBEET Beard Shaping Tool Template,All in One Mustache Ruler Shaper Guide Comb IBEET

$3.45 $26.69
Color: C-Black
  • Groom Your Beard to a Perfect Shape - Just use IBEET amazing grooming guide tool along with your preferred razor, electric beard trimmer or clipper without going to the barber's
  • Easy to Use - IBEET affordable and effective beard shaping template tool allows you to shape and style the facial hair any way you like, quickly, easily.Just feel free to make it at home
  • Absolute Shave Line Symmetry - Use this facial hair shaping template and its handy leveling marks as reference to achieve a symmetrical look quickly and easily! Just place the guide to your face in the desired position and let your beard trimmer or razor do the rest
  • Say Goodbye to Tangles & Knots - Get a well-shaped beard and perfect moustache line With the help of a little beard oil and this great grooming tool's handy built in combs
  • Multiple Shape & Style - IBEET facial hair template helps you shape your cheek line, neck line, jaw line, moustache, goatee, sideburns,etc. It even features different styles - curve cut or step cut for your cheek, for example. Choose the one that suits you
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