Jiuguang Pair LED Automobile Lamp Headlight Bulbs with Advanced LED COB Chips and All-in-One Conversion kit S2/8000LM/6500K H1 H4 H7 H11 H13 9005 9006 9007 3 Year Warranty (H1) Jiuguang

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  • [WHICH BULB SIZE FITS MY CAR?] -Just search "Philips automotive bulb look-up" on Google.-Types the YEAR, CAR NAME, SELECT A CAR MODEL, then, you will get an answer. Just choose the one fits your car. Or ask a question, then, we will reply to with exact answer with you shortly.
  • [WHAT THE DIFFERENCE WITH FORMER Halogen & HID LIGHT? ] - LED headlight is the upgraded version light based on the halogen light and HID kit. Well-spread beam pattern and anti-glare body, these led headlights for cars offer consistency like never before. Driver can see farther, wider, clearer, safer, crystal clear, ensure enjoyable driving especially in night. Refuse the yellow lighting and dazzling effect and friendly with the cars coming in the other direction.
  • [WHAT THE FEATURES ARE ABOUT THE LED HEADLIGHT? ] -All of our LED headlight bulbs are built-in CANBUS free and anti-interference (EMC) designed. It works with any vehicle CPU (apart from the Dodge cars). The Led bulbs are waterproof & shockproof! Advanced Ceramic board design syncs with the Driver to optimize for heat protection and consistent brightness output.
  • [HOW SHALL I REPLACE IT IS IT DIFFICULT? ]-PLUG & PLAY. Just take out the old -school light and insert the LED headlight, connect the wires as the original wires. The whole installation won't take you over 15 minutes.
  • [HOW ABOUT THE WARRANTY?]-All of our LED headlights bulb provides 3 year warranty. Any problems, just check with us. And we provide lifetime support. We can replace the bulbs for you in 3 years. Any refund request in any time is available. Just feel free to place an order, add to your cart.
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