[KLAIRS] Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop, 5% pure vitamin C, vitamin C serum, 35ml, 1.18oz

$22.00 $23.00 (FREE Shipping)
  • A daily serum that are safe and non-irritating to energize and rejuvenate the skin with the power of Vitamin C
  • Concentrated Vitamin C and key ingredients from nature provides plentiful moisture and nutrition for skin
  • Multi functional serum that will clear up acne, acne scar, prevent breakouts and minimize pore
  • Fade brown spots , Protect the skin from pigmentation from occurring. Containing *non-comedogenic* ingredients ONLY
  • *Starting from LOT No. NN11 the plastic seal wrap on this product has been removed. | 35ml, 0.11oz. Serum that features 5% Vitamin C and is gentle enough for sensitive skin types
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