KORIN FlexPack Multifunctional Flexibility Anti-theft Duffle Bag Backpack Waterproof Laptop Bag with 2.0 USB Charging Port Large Capacity TSA Travel Bag Friendly Easy Convenient Secure KORIN

  • FlexPack :The Best Multifunctional Flexibility Anti-theft Laptop BackPack,We created the FlexPack Go and FlexPack Pro as a result to combine security, storage, convenience, comfort, and beauty.
  • The Best Seller in Kickstarter :reddot award 2018 winner;Good Design Award 2018 ,Authentic Clickpack Pro anti-theft backpack lets you enjoy the scenery
  • Scientifically Engineered storage and convenience:Flexible Structure capable of expanding and collapsing from a duffle to become compact and packable (Flexpack air as Gift to Collapse and carry your FlexPack Go,) and also inside have Removable organizer ,It is quick access to storage compartment,
  • More Security:Triple anti-theft protection ,Retractable,metal wire lock,The maximum bearing strength≤50KG ,YKK double layer ,explosion proof Zipper(8RCW is a latest product launched by YKK,which is a zipper with double coli chain,it prevents the chain from being easily punctured with pens and other similar objects)
  • Second Generation USB Charging Port:K easy charging 2.0 ,built in input and output charging.The FlexPack Go is a moble energy source ,It houses an outlet and storage space for your power bank
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