Kindle Tips and Tricks Every Owner Should Know

Want to get the most out of your Kindle? There are some simple tips and tricks you should know.

If you are interesting in reading, the Amazon Kindle may be the best option for ebook reading. The device has changed the way in which we read and what we read. If you’ve bought yourself a proper Amazon Kindle, I want to share some simple tips and tricks of my experience with Amazon Kindle, which can help you get the most out of your Kindle.

Take screenshots

Just like other electronic devices, if you want to share a picture of a book you’re reading, you can take screenshots on most recent Kindle devices. For example, you can take screenshots on Kindle Paperwrite and Kindle Oasis by touching two opposing corners on the screen at the same time. The way to take screenshots on other Kindle models may be a little different, but it’s fairly easy.

Add books to Kindle

How to add books to Kindle? I usually use the following two ways:

1. Send to Kindle email

Every Kindle device will have an email address of the form of [email protected] after you have registered and signed in to your Kindle account. All you need to do is to attach the book to an email and send it to your Kindle email address. You will find it in your Kindle library on your device shortly.

  • How to send PDF to Kindle?

In order to make your reading easier on the Kindle device, you can convert pdf to Kindle format by typing "Convert" in the subject line when you email a document/book to your email address.

  • How to send mobi to Kindle?

More and more e-books are in mobi format, you can use the same way and simply send mobi file as an attachment to your email address. It will appear on your Kindle library shortly.

  • How to send ePub to Kindle?

Since ePub is still not supported on Kindle, so if you have a book in ePub format and wish you could read it on your Kindle, you need to convert your e-book to the right format first. There are many free services on the internet that can help you make your dream come true. For example, you can convert ePub files to mobi via Calibre, a program that can help you convert your books to different formats. Or you can send ePub to kindle on, a very popular online site that can convert your ePub e-book to mobi and send it to your Kindle device all in one step without downloading any program.

2. Via usb cable

If you don't have an wi-fi connection, you can transfer books from your computer to your kindle via usb cable. After you have connected the two devices via usb cable, your Kindle will appear as a removable storage device, so you can drag the books you have already downloaded directly to your kindle.

Kindle dictionary

If you are reading books in a foreign language, you can image how frustrating it can be to look up in the dictionary again, again and again to check the meaning of new words. Although Kindle has a couple of English dictionaries pre-installed, but if you start to learn a language like French, Italian, German, Chinese or Spanish, you need to buy the dictionary from the Kindle bookshop first and set it as default dictionary. Or you can download a dictionary freely from the internet and add it into the "dictionaries" folder of your Kindle.

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