Kitchen Timer Manual, LEMEGO Stainless Steel Egg Shaped Mechanical Rotating Alarm with 60 Minutes for Cooking LEMEGO

  • 【Fashion Design】Egg shape design is like a lovely craft,and the stainless steel shell is really hard which makes the timer durable.
  • 【Product Feature】This is a mechanical drive timer. No battery needed,practical and economical design.
  • 【How To Use】Turn it clockwise all the way to 55 - 60 minutes first. That winds up the timer and the bell mechanism. Then turn it counterclockwise to the time you want to set
  • 【Long Time Range】 60 mins could almost satisfied your all time require when you cooking.
  • 【Excellent Kitchen Gadget】 Egg shape with stainless steel material,mechanical driver timer. Could as a present for your friend.
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