Kootek 12'-15' Laptop Cooler 6 Ultra Quiet Fans Laptop Cooling Pad with Adjustable Mounts Stand Notebook USB Powered Fan Chill Mat with Green LED Lights Kootek

$19.99 $27.99
  • Adopts ultra quiet motor and six cooling fan effectively and equally cool every corner of your laptop, meanwhile create a noise-free environment for you.
  • Unique green LEDs lights, a rotatable switch for adjusting the wind speed of six fans and brightness of LED lights simultaneously.
  • Ergonomically designed laptop cooling pad with five adjustable height settings to type, play games or watch movies at the most comfortable angle.
  • Slim, lightweight and portable cooler pad allows you carry it anywhere. Anti-skid baffle on the front to prevent the laptop from slipping; Compatible with various Laptops, Tablet, Notebook PC, iPad that sizes up to 15 Inches.
  • Features an extra USB port for connecting USB devices, increase the utility of your laptop while in use. Efficient laptop cooler can keeps computers working longer, reduce heat strain and damage from CPU and GPU-hungry processes, creates optimal comfort for laptop users.
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