LURICO Infrared Thermometer, Helect Non-contact Digital Laser Temperature Gun (-58°F~1202°F/-50°C~650°C) - Accurate Digital Surface IR Thermometer with LCD Display (Battery Included) LURICO

$24.89 $59.99 (FREE Shipping)
Color: Yellow
  • 🏠 WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION: LURICO dual laser infrared thermometer Ideal for household use or industrial measurements, you can measure the surface temperature of food, pizza stones, oven walls, range tops, frying pans or fryer oil, grill, refrigerator and freezer; Inspect your cars cooling system, catalytic converter, brakes, and tires; Check the temperature of chicken coops, terrariums reptile enclosures. Or scan for insulation leaks in your home, check air conditioning, heating vents, pipes
  • 🌡INSTANT READOUT: Enable LOG function to store measurement up to 20 values; set the LOCK mode, high alarm and low alarm values; Wide measure range of -50°C to 650°C (-58°F to 1202°F), this allows you to measure various surface temperature; Temperature resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F; Basic accuracy: +2% of reading or + 2°C/°F; Fast response time (0.15 second) and fast power up; Automatic power off after 7 seconds, with lock to disable. Power supply by 9V battery (battery included)
  • 🥘 IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS WITH THE PERFECT PIZZA: Adjustable emissivity gives you the needed accuracy for your wood-fired or brick pizza oven. Want your pizza stone at 485°F? Easy. Or use a Himalayan Salt Block at 500°F to grill that salmon indoors - INSTANT GRILL MASTER! Whenever you pull the infrared thermometer out of its holster to bring your new grill or pizza oven to the optimum temperature, be prepared to answer questions from your friends about your fancy new tool
  • 🚗 APPLICATION CAR REPAIRS: Find exactly where insulation is missing, or hot and cold air leaks. Check the output of A/C units and save replacing a condenser by fixing a blower motor. You'll LOVE how easily you can measure heat loss in windows and doorways, or monitor wood stove or water heater temperatures. Check your cars cooling system, catalytic converter, brakes, and tires
  • 🛒 NOTE: The thermometer can't measure the internal temperature of an object; temperature readings from this devices are inanimate objects, the measured temperature for humans or animals will not be correct
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