Launch X431 V+ Android OBD2 Auto Car System Diagnostic Scanner Global Version with DBScarII Bluetooth Connector and Wifi Full 2 Years Update Launch

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  • POWERFUL FUNCTIONS;Diagnosis functions include:ECU coding on Benz, 11 Special Fcuntions, Full system diagnoses, Read DTCs, Clear DTCs, Read Datastream, Maintenance Recommendations,
  • THE MOST ADVANCED UI;Utilizes Android 5.1 to provide you with an easy to use interface that has powerful functions, quick auto scanning and vehicle diagnosis, and a touchscreen user interface that is easy to learn
  • BEST HARDWARE;The Launch X431 V+ is the newest version of the X431 standard and is the successor to the V, IV and X431 Diagun III versions. This model has a higher hardware configuration, larger storage capacity, faster processor, latest display technology (10 inch capacitive touch screen), and bigger battery for a longer use time between recharging
  • WIRELESS CONVENIENCE;With a Bluetooth OBDII connector module& wifh function, you can wirelessly communicate directly with any vehicle. Since you do not need to be wired into the dashboard when using the Launch X431 V+, you are now free to run the scanning, repair and diagnostic tests while you are working under the hood or while doing other maintenance tasks at your workbench
  • DIAGNOSTIC TOOL FOR EVERY SITUATION;Supports over 68 car brands and 220 car models from America, Europe, Asia
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