LAUNCH X431 V+ Full System Diagnostic Tool (Upgraded Version of X431 V) with Bi-Directional Actuation Test, TPMS, ABS Bleeding, Gear Learning, Key Program, Injector, ECU Coding & 2 Years Free Update Launch

$1149.00 (FREE Shipping)
Size: Bi-Directional Control, See More Choice
  • 【ALL VEHICLE SYSTEMS diagnostic and provides complete systems (Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, Communication, Chassis etc. ) diagnoses for users to detect existing and potential malfunction on vehicle, helps have vehicle issues located and further addressed efficiently and accurately .
  • 【BI-DIRECTIONAL CONTROL】LAUNCH X431V+ is characterized by Bi-Directional Control which issued to request information or command a module to perform specific tests and functions, so users can use this diagnostic code reader to do the following tests: turning the fuel pump on and off, cycling the a/c clutch on and off, even performing an evaporative emissions leak test.
  • 【POWERFULSPECIAL FUNCTION】 Along with multiple special reset functions including Oil Reset, SAS, EPB, ETS, BMS, TPMS Resets, ABS Bleeding, DPF Regeneration, IMMO and Throttle Matching, Injector and ECU Coding, this diagnostic scanner helps users safely and effectively get access to vehicle ECU for module coding, resets, relearns and partial parameters' calibration after repair and maintenance work has been finished.
  • 【VAST VECHICLE COVERAGE】Coming with an array of adapters as it has long ability to cover 90% of car models from Asia, Europe and America. The main brands include Skoda, Opel, Rover, Porsche, Audi, Citroen, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, Lincoln, Honda, Acura, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, etc.
  • 【BLUETOOTH CONNECTION & HD COMPATIBILITY】 Instead of connecting with vehicles via a short cable, this automotive diagnostic tool offers a DBScar 5 for establishing wireless Bluetooth connection so as to enable technicians to carry out specific repair works (replacing a broken part) while viewing effective diagnostic data; Compatible with HD module, meeting requirements of diagnosing 24V Trucks.
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