Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

A review of Logitech G610 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on design, feature and performance.

This article shows different aspects of Logitech G610 Orion Red Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for readers who are interested in buying one.


  • Authentic Cherry MX keys
  • Media control buttons and volume wheel
  • Programmable white backlighting
  • Clean and sturdy design


  • No USB hub
  • No RGB backlights
  • Limited macro functionality
  • No Blue or Green switches

Although Logitech has its own proprietary Romer-G mechanical switches, some users still prefer the authentic Cherry MX switches. For these people, you should be happy to see the G610 coming out. The Orion doesn’t have much options as G810 in backlighting and other features, which keeps it simple and clean, while G610 is still functional and excellent for both typing and gaming.


The G610 has Cherry MX Red and Brown switches. The Brown switch has 2mm actuation point, and you can get the tactile feedback while pressing the keys as there is a noticeable bump in the middle that features on many other Cherry MX keys. And it makes Brown switches feel more responsive but a little louder. However, the Red switch doesn’t have such bump when pressing it down. It travels on a consistent path downwards which makes it faster than others and quieter of course.

This is a full-size keyboard with a number of media control keys and a volume wheel lies on the upper-right corner. It comes with a USB cable, although they are not separated, the cable is very long. It doesn’t have wrist rest, but there is a pair of feet on the back which can be lifted up for 4 degrees or 8 degrees depending on your tastes, and there are also five rubber pads at each corner to prevent the keyboard sliding.


The G610 only has white backlight while the G810 has full RGB lighting. This makes the G610 looks clean and simple without distractions. Although it has only one light, it still has a number of programmed effects like Light Wave, Star Effect and Breathing, etc. And you can also customize the light on individual keys or zones. But all of these settings need to be done through Logitech’s software. Besides lighting, you can also change the function of the F keys. Since the G610 doesn’t have macro keys, you can also replace the regular keys with macro commands.


The Cherry MX Red and Brown switches are both excellent in different ways, and the G610 can be easy to use for both gamers and typists. For gamers, you can set the keys with different functions applied in the games. After testing it with several games, you can see there is no issue with input lag or the annoying quirks. If you use it to type at work, you can either feel the pleasant responsiveness on Brown switches or type faster than other keys when use the Red switches. And under the white backlight you can be more concentrated than using the RGB lights. But it’s quite a pity that they don’t offer Blue or Green switches to satisfy more people with different needs.

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