Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard Review

A review of Logitech K810 Bluetooth keyboard on design and feature

This article gives the pros and cons Logitech K810 Bluetooth Keyboard in design and the feature so you can learn more about this keyboard before you make the purchase.


  • Backlight with motion sensor saves battery
  • Bluetooth pairing helps easily switch between up to three devices
  • Sharp looks and excellent keyboard feedback
  • Long battery life


  • More expensive than other competing Bluetooth keyboards
  • The keyboard arrangement may not be friendly to Mac users


• Overall Look

The keyboard has a clean and sharp look with a combination of metal and plastic design. And while pressing the keys it feels a bit springy. Some people may think it annoying when they type but I really like this sound.

• Function Keys

F1, F2, F3 keys are used to pair different Bluetooth devices. F5 and F6 keys are used to modify the light degree of the backlight manually. On the bottom there is a button to reset Bluetooth connection. Setting the connection is very easy. Press this button and wait for the blue lights above the three pairing buttons start to blink, and then press one of the buttons to connect to the desired device. Lastly, open the device and select the keyboard listed under Bluetooth devices, and that completes the connection setup. On the right side it has a power switch. If you want to save battery for longer use you can turn it on and off every time you use it.

This keyboard is almost targeted at users of Windows and Android. There is no Command key on the keyboard and it is replaced with a dedicated Windows 8 key. Regardless of these OS-specific features, it still has some interesting features.


• Illuminated function with motion sensor

As it is named the illuminated keyboard, it adds the technology by Logitech Easy-Switch TM to which is quite significant. The motion sensor automatically awakens when you move your hand on the keyboard, and it can also adjust the backlight brightness according to the ambient illumination. The light can be adjusted manually by pressing the related function keys F5 and F6. The backlight will shut down after the keyboard stops working for a few seconds.

• Multiple Bluetooth Connection

For people who need to use multiple devices when they are at work, Logitech K810 keyboard will do a lot of help to improving the efficiency as it can easily swap between up to three devices. The switching keys are F1, F2 and F3.

• Rechargeable battery

When the battery is low, it can be recharged via a standard USB to micro-USB cable which is included, and you can continue typing during the recharging process. It is estimated that the keyboard can last nearly a month for the average use.

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