MAJU's MCT Oil - Premium C8 & C10 Fatty Acids, ZERO Aftertaste, 100% Coconut, Coffee Friendly, Non-GMO Maju Superfoods

$18.99 $19.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • 100% COCONUT DERIVED, NO PALM OIL FILLER: Many MCT oils available are a coconut & palm oil hybrid. Not Maju. We source and extract the oil from a 100% coconut source.
  • MAJU IS DIFFERENT: "Maju" means "to move forward." That's our core belief, in life, health, and nutrition. We created Maju Superfoods while we were students looking for the purest sourced health maximizers.
  • NO NASTY TASTE, NO CHEMICAL SMELL. Some MCT Oils have a strange chemical smell and leave a nasty taste in your mouth--not Maju's. We have a powerful MCT, from 100% Coconuts. Our product is grown in a natural environment, is pesticide and herbicide free, and bottled in the United States.
  • FREE RECIPE EBOOK SENT ON PURCHASE: Need some ideas to get started? We'll send you a free recipe eBook instantly upon purchase. Get started using your MCT as soon as you receive it!
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