MOZA Air AirCross Multiple-Functional Wireless Thumb Controller with OLED Display Screen + Accessory Mount Support Camera's Start/Stop Recording Function, Focus and Moza Air Gimbal Movement Directions Moza

  • Bring your camera and MOZA AIR ully under control with the wireless thumb controller
  • Integrated with a clear OLED display, this multi-functional accessory clearly shows the configuration of your device. It enables the operator to start or stop recording, remotely adjust the camera focus, and control the gimbal movement. With this unit, you can also tune the pre-settings for different cameras and lenses so you can find the most appropriate working status for your gimbal.
  • 600mAh Li-ion Battery, Charging Time 2 hours and Standby Time 24h,Working range of 10 meters
  • Start/Stop recording Control:supported cameras: Canon 5DII/5DIII/6D/60D/7D/70D, Sony a7S/a7SII/a7R/a7RII, Panasonic GH4/GH3, BMPCC/BMCC/BMPC
  • Focus Control: supported cameras and lens: Canon 5DII/5DIII/6D/60D/7D/70D(Will support more cameras and lens with firmware update)
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