Hot/Cold Therapy #1 Multi-USE Wrap for All Body Parts Including Ankle, Wrist, Foot, Elbow, Neck, Head, Knee, and More! CE Certified & FDA Approved. Relieve Soreness + Decrease Swelling. Copper Compression Gear

  • HIGHEST QUALITY LATEX FREE NON-TOXIC GEL IN LEAK PROOF PLASTIC! Plus this top of the line Hot Cold Ankle / Foot / Wrist / Elbow / Multi-Use Pack with Wrap comes with an easily adjustable elastic band is fully adjustable to ensure you get the right support you need!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied for any reason at all, you can easily get a fast, prompt refund. So you get to try it out completely RISK FREE!
  • LARGER COVERAGE AREA - Most of our competitors sell hot / cold packs that don't cover a lot of surface area to provide maximum benefits like ours does! Our wraps can also be used on your neck, head, knee, calf, thigh (for hamstrings) or arm!
  • SPEED UP RECOVERY - REDUCE INFLAMMATION - ADVANCED PAIN RELIEF - Use the heat compress / hot compress to promote blood circulation which helps for sprains, strains, muscle pain, soreness, and arthritis! Use the cold compress to reduce swelling and treat sports injuries, joint pain, foot / ankle pain, and more!
  • REUSABLE + DURABLE - Use For BOTH HOT & COLD THERAPIES! Simply Microwave it for hot therapy or put it in your freezer for cold / ice pack therapy! Hot and cold pack / ice pack therapies are common treatments that physical therapists recommend for sports injuries and other ailments.
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