MAKARTT 6 Way Shape and Shine Nail Tool Multiuse Nail Filing Buffing Polishing Shining Makartt

$2.99 $25.50
  • ★★6-Way Multi-use Nail Tool- This multi-use nail tool features 6 Way surface to shape and shine nails naturally, which meets all your manicure requirements. They are Step 1- Shorten Your Nail, Step 2- Even out the Rigid on the Nails, Step 3- Shape the Nails, Step 4- Clean Your Nails, Step 5- Buffer the Nails, Step 6- Shine and Polish Your Nails. The Plastic tip of the tool was designed to clean under the nails and it also works great for pushing the cuticles back.
  • ★★Expert Nail Tool Makes Expert Result- This Expert Nail Tool is designed for filing, shaping, buffering, polishing, shining and dealing with cuticles, which makes your shiny nails Impressive and long-lasting with professional looking results- glossy smoothness and finish without polishing top coat.
  • ★★Gorgeous Mani-Pedi All in One- Makartt multi-buffer is durable and useful to handle both your nails and toes effortlessly, smoothing out ridges, creating a squared or a rounded nail tip with ease, and buffing to a high shine.
  • ★★Manicure Anytime and Anywhere- This manicure tool boasts mini size( inch), which is easy and comfortable to grip and shape your nail tips. Besides, they are suitable to fit into your purse, handbag or toiletry bag, great size for travel, so that you can do manicure anytime and anywhere.
  • ★★Convenient and Fun to Use- Made with top quality sanding paper and plastic, the cute nail file and buffer is easy and fun to use, can be used before applying nail polish or nail treatments, also used to polish off the nail surface uneven phenomenon, trim nail surface Ideal for grinding before polishing on real nail, acrylic nail and UV gel nail, etc, perfect for Both fingernails and toenails.
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