Melca Cable Management Cord Organizer - 72 Inches Long Paintable Sleeve Covers Wire Behind Mount TV, Desk, Computer, PC, or Entertainment System on Wall/Floor. Hider Concealer Cover Wrap Melca

$6.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • ADJUSTABLE! This Indoor / Outdoor Large Holder Neatly Ties Up or Clips Your Entire Charger Fiasco (6 Feet Long Tube) such as shelf mounting - From .75 to 1.5 Inch Adjustable Diameter - Perfect For Any Job including baby proofing and plug safety!
  • EXCLUSIVE! Unique Closure Design & Fabric enables you to cut your 6 foot long sleeve to the desired length and conquer multiple messes (desktop, hardware, under mounted tv, computer parts, network components, kitchen appliances, across floor, travel case, storage, along wall) - Today, Don't Wait!
  • VERSATILE! Create Reusable Cable Ties / Straps by simply cutting short strips giving you the power to tie cables together or to other objects and even mount them, i.e. your desk, rack, plugs, or entertainment center - Just Like The Pros Use, No Tools Required.
  • AMAZING! Proprietary 2-Sided Solid Black Material lets you choose a matte or gloss finish and allows you to cut entry and exit holes exactly where needed - Organization With Ease.
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