Menstrual Cups JACKYLED 2-pack Feminine Hygiene Cups with 2 Free Bags to Carry Small and Large (Pink and Purple) Alternative option for Cloth Sanitary Napkins JACKYLED

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  • HIGH QUALITY: Made of super soft Medical Grade Silicone as used in infant pacifiers. FDA certificated. 100% BPA free, Latex Free, Dioxin Free. Reusable and safe, Eco-friendly, economical, long-lasting. Comes with a quality hygiene bag, lasts up to 12 years of regular use. Set of 2 sizes, small (pink) and large (purple). Choose the right size according to your situation. Good feminine alternative option for cloth sanitary napkins. There has 2 air vents around the rim of this type Menstrual Cups.
  • SAFETY & HEALTH: It will not break your acid-base balance, no allergy, no mould and urinary tract infection. JACKYLED menstrual cup provides a no moisture and stuffiness, no odor and stickiness, no penetration and itching period for you. Without these troubles, many gynecological diseases could be prevented.
  • EASY TO USE: JACKYLED menstrual cup is easy to insert and remove. Folded the sterilized menstrual cup, then hold the bottom of the menstrual cup and put into the vagina gently until it reaches the cervix. Secondly, rotate the Cup to ensure that it is fully open and seal has been created to the vaginal wall. Lastly, adjust the handle at the bottom, so it sits comfortably and can easily reached for retrieval.
  • COMFORTABLE: You can enjoy your happy moment if you use it. Swimming, spa, hiking, yoga, running, or just sleeping overnight, etc. JACKYLED menstrual cup will need to be changed twice on the light days and maybe 4 times a day on the heavy menstrual days. This will depend on your individual menstrual flow.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 1 year warranty. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 60 days changing or refunding without reasons. JACKYLED Products are sold and shipped by Jackyled Direct. If you purchase a product from another seller, please request a refund as it is a counterfeit. Jackyled Direct is the only Authorized Dealer of JACKYLED products.
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