Micca ON3 3-Inch Powered Bookshelf Speakers with Remote Control, 48 Watts (24W x 2) RMS Power, Front and Rear Input Jacks Micca

$79.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • The Micca ON3 is a great looking and sounding pair of powered bookshelf speakers that can be used in any room in your home or office. Its compact size makes it suitable for use with your computer or TV, or for playing music from a smartphone in the kitchen.
  • Equipped with front and rear input jacks and a convenient remote control, the ON3 is both versatile and easy to use. Its full and rich sound signature is a good match for all music types, from modern pop songs to classic vinyl records.
  • Using a single driver in a speaker design has the benefit of being naturally coherent, eliminating the problem of acoustic lobing, time alignment, as well as potential phase problems caused by crossover circuits. The result is that music sounds more natural and true to life.
  • The ON3 has a 24W x 2 amplifier built in, with front and rear input jacks to allow connection with any analog audio source. The amplifier is enhanced with DSP processing circuitry that works together with the driver and ported enclosure to deliver rich and full sound from 50Hz to 20kHz.
  • Owing to its handsome and classic good looks, the ON3 is especially suitable for use with a record player. Built-in linear-phase high pass filtering safely rolls off frequencies below 30Hz for effective rumble control. Note that the record player must have a built-in phono amp, or an external phono amp (not included) must be used.
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