Slap-On Mosquito Repellent Bracelet for Kids | for Home/Garden & Travel | All Natural, Portable, Insect & Bug Repellent-Pest Control for Children | DEET Free | Non-Toxic Citronella Buzz-OFF!

  • THE 100% NATURAL WAY TO ENJOY YOUR DAY- FREE OF PESTS: The Buzzaroo! Slap-on mosquito repellent for kids is made with all natural Citronella Essential Oil that guarantees full protection from pesky and risky mosquito bites. Let your little one get the most out of their day's activities while they stay protected from mosquitoes, gnats and midges.
  • YOUR KIDS WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT: Our playfully designed mosquito & insect repellent for children features a cool, smiley face design that is guaranteed to be loved by your kids. Thanks to is smart design, the silicone pest-repellent bracelet is water, shock and heat resistant which makes it the perfect and comfortable choice for summer days that are filled with fun activities on the countryside or in your garden.
  • 30 DAYS OF PEST-FREE LIFE: Imagine those moments where your little ones constantly complain about how itchy their skin gets because of those annoying mosquito bites, completely gone! That's right! For 30 days, your kids can run about, enjoy their sports, their travels with you, the BBQ in your yard, camping, hiking and all that without insects ruining the day!
  • COMPLETELY FREE OF TOXIC CHEMICALS: No more risky chemical bug sprays that might cause skin irritations. This 100% natural alternative to chemical pest control options, is the safest way to go. Our amazing plant-based Citronella formula, guarantees complete protection while being COMPLETELY free of chemicals, it's non-toxic and emits a very pleasant yet subtle floral scent. You can also place it on your baby carriage as it's safe for all ages!
  • YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR OUTMOST PRIORITY: We're sure your kids will love the perks of our cool biological mosquito repellent wristband, but we also want you to feel safe in purchasing our product. That's why we offer our ironclad Money Back Guarantee, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Grab yours now, while our supplies still last!
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