Moto Loot Keychain for Motorcycles, Scooters, Cars and Gifts (The Key to Happiness) Moto Loot

$8.99 $12.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • AWESOME DESIGN: your friends will be jealous of this awesome key to happiness key chain. Bring this to your next motorcycle or car meet and everyone will be asking where you got such a unique key chain
  • EASY TO PULL FROM POCKET: With dimensions of approx 1.18 by 5.12 inches (3 by 13 centimeters), this key chain is easy to pull from your pocket. Just grab the end and pull. No longer will you have to take your motorcycle gloves off to fetch the key from your pocket, or struggle to get that key out of tight pants
  • SCRATCH RESISTENT: This key chain has been specially designed so it won't scratch up your motorcycle headset or the side of your car. It has been made with durable fabric, so there are no hard or sharp corners to scratch up your paintwork
  • EASY TO FIND: These key chains really stand out. This means they make your keys much easier to find when you lose them
  • DOUBLE SIDED: the key to happiness design is embroidered on both sides of the key chain
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