Motorcord 6000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter with Smart Jumper Cables | Vehicle Battery Booster + Power BankPhone Charger + Flashlight + Safety Window Breaker |Slim Pocket Size Emergency Kit MotorCord

$19.99 $179.00
  • ⚡JUMP START YOU CAR WITH A SUPER POWERFUL BATTERY PACK - The 6000mAh Capacity of this multifunctional car jump starter - can provide power to your cars battery even if you have ZERO juice left. If you are really in a bind you can also charge up your phone or laptop to allow you to contact someone for need help or rescuing!
  • ⚡LIFESAVER FOR MOTORBIKE, CAR, OR LAPTOP - This mini car battery power charge is so powerful, it can start both gasoline & diesel vehicles. The expertly engineered Car Battery Booster Pack & Chargeris NOT just for your car, it can also charge your boat, truck, motorcycle, &even your lawn mower!
  • ⚡CONVENIENTLY CARRY IT IN YOUR POCKET FOR IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY - The cylinder jump starter shape can be stored in the glove compartment or seat of your bike. It also comes with zipper carrying case for easy storage. Make sure you and your partner are prepared for any situation by always carrying the car jumper cables and battery pack in your car!
  • ⚡ALL NECESSITIES INCLUDED - This car battery power charging kit comes with ALL the Accessories that you need to Power your Vehicles as well as Mobile Devices, Laptops, Cell Phones, USB Devices, & MUCH MORE! The portable battery pack includes a 2.1 Amp USB port, extra bright beam flash light, wrist strap, and window breaker for emergencies!
  • ⚡1 YEAR WARRANTY + SAFETY FEATURES - HI Grade Battery Cells, Internal Engineered Safety Features Protect Your Family and Your Devices from Surges and Short Circuits. The detachable SMART mini jumper clamps provide a firmer grip and better electrical engagement. If you have any issues we offer a 1 year warranty!
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