Natural Teeth Whitening Powder - Tooth Stain Fighter - Organic Coconut Activated Charcoal - Proudly Made in the USA Mining Whites

  • White, Radiant Teeth - Activated charcoal helps promote whiter, shinier teeth while providing better tartar control, cavity prevention, and healthy pH balance.
  • Healthy Enamel & Gums - Used regularly, Mining Whites can help fight cavities, gum disease and bad breath without stripping enamel or bleaching gums.
  • Fight Stains & Blemishes - Formulated to make teeth noticeably whiter, remove years of built up stains caused by coffee, cigarettes, wine, sugar and soda.
  • Natural, Organic Ingredients - Free of harsh chemicals and detergents, our formula contains coconut charcoal, orange seed oil, and a fresh mint flavor.
  • Made in the USA - Mining Whites is carefully crafted for purity and reliability right here in America; so you know you're getting a quality product you can trust.
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