Nayoya Set of 2 Exfoliating Shower Loofah Body Scrubbers Nayoya Wellness

$16.97 (FREE Shipping)
  • NEVER BE EMBARRASSED about your skin again because our His and Hers exfoliating loofah set for men and women is perfect for cleaning the back, neck, legs and feet by scrubbing, deep cleaning, and gently exfoliating your whole body to provide you with soft, bump and blemish free skin that glows and defines healthy
  • REMOVES dry patchy skin due to eczema and PREVENTS breakouts while zeroing in on back acne; renews skin and unclogs pores; works with any shower gel or soap
  • MEASURES 26 x 3 inches to ensure that every square inch of your body gets exfoliated and cleaned every time you shower to keep your skin radiant, smooth, clean and healthy while unclogging your pores so that you don't get acne breakouts or blackheads
  • FEATURES loop handles on both ends making it easier to hold, lather and wash with by pulling back and forth; The handles allow you to effortlessly hang the loofahs after each use
  • DOUBLE SIDED; One side of the shower loofah provides the perfect texture for those with sensitive skin and features a soft, smooth cotton surface to gently wash away dirt, dead skin and oils; The other side of the loofah offers a 12 inch rugged luffa surface that scrubs, exfoliates and washes away dead skin; This rugged surface also contains a compartment to store bars of soap while not in use
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