Neewer Professional Microphone kit for Youtube, Karaoke,Personal Recording or more,includes:(1)Sound Card+(1)Microphone+(1)High Quality Headphone+(1)USB Cable+(1)Microphone Cable. Neewer

  • Kit includes:(1)NW-2S Sound Card+(1)NW-88 Microphone+(1)NW-680 Headphone+(1)USB Cable+(1)Microphone Cable
  • (1)NW-2S Sound Card is a designed for voip entertainment purpose of a new generation of USB sound card.Support for Windows,Linux,Mac,etc.6 kinds of working mode,eacy to us for most users.
  • (1)NW-88 Microphone adopts the completely new audio circuit to capture rich, full-bodied sound from sources.
  • (1)NW-680 Headphone its plastic ear hook provides a non-slip grip, and is adjustable and comfortable to wear.
  • Note:Through the microphone on the remote control Mute to quickly,temporarily shut down microphone listening and wet dry voice with listening(Wet sound reverberation effect)
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