Neewer Portable 24 x 36 inches/60 x 90 centimeters Rectangular Softbox with Bowens Mount and S-Type Bracket Holder Kit for Speedlite Studio Flash Monolight,Portrait and Product Photography Neewer

$39.99 (FREE Shipping)
Style: Cylinder SoftboxRectangular Softbox See More Choice
  • KIT INCLUDES: (1)Rectangular Softbox with Bowens Mount, (1)S-Type Bracket Holder; Suitable for Nikon Canon Sony Pentax Olympus 300w 400W 600w 800W 1000w Studio Flash Speedlite Studio Shooting
  • RECTANGULAR SOFTBOX: Removable internal and external diffusers for versatility in refining the hard and soft ratio of flash light; It comes with a silver reflective interior and a flush front face
  • BETTER EVEN LIGHTING: With Standard size Bowens speed mounts, this softbox fits for the 300w 400W 600w 800W 1000w studio flash; Designed to diffuse a strobe flash, giving you better even lighting
  • S-TYPE BRACKET HOLDER: Great combination of L-type and T-type speedlite mounts and get improvement from them, compatible with the functions of various types of brackets; Bowens mount design facilitates most studio flash accessories, such as softboxes, reflectors, beauty dishes and so on
  • UNIQUE AND RELIABLE SPEEDLITE MOUNTING METHOD: The speedlite can be clamped firmly into the mount both horizontally and vertically; Firm clamp between 2 pieces of soft plastic, no pressure nor metal scratch to your speedlite
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