Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera - The Best Way to Keep an Eye on Your Home

The Nest Cam is designed to help you look after your home and family – even when you're away.

Is everything OK at home? What if someone breaks in? What's the dog getting into? If you have the same worries in your daily life, adding the Nest Cam indoor security camera to your home can be a blessing. You can keep tabs on your pets, check on your house while you're away, and have peace of mind that can only come from knowing your home is safe and secure no matter where you are.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Here is a list of the Nest Cam indoor’s common uses and reasons people like it so much:

  • Monitoring pets
  • Checking in on children
  • Making sure the kids got home from school okay
  • Making sure the elderly safe when they’re alone
  • Providing the peace of mind that comes with being able to check that everything ok at home at any moment
  • Protect property
  • Augmenting a traditional alarm system

What’s in the Indoor Security Camera package?

1. Nest Cam indoor camera: The Nest Cam features a sleek design, it is made of shiny black plastic with the lens in the center and comes with a slim pivoting leg that allows the camera to tilt through 180 degrees and provides you with several options for camera placement.

2. Stand with magnetic base: A magnetic base (as well as sticky pads and some really nice screws) used to secure the Nest Cam to a surface (wall, shelf, ceiling, whatever)

3. Wall mounting hardware: A wall-mounting kit is included if you want to place the camera in a discreet, hard to reach spot.

4. AC adapter and 10 foot USB cable: The camera it’s mains powered, rather than using a battery, so you can plug it into a power outlet using its included cable and AC adapter without worrying too much about the power it consumes.

5. Quick start guide

6. Window sticker: Warn intruders or visitors that Nest Cams are installed in the building

Adorable way to dress up your Nest Cam indoor cam

Picture Quality

One of the main complaints people have with home security cameras is poor picture quality. One of the main factors that contribute to a camera’s picture quality is resolution. Standard resolution is 480p, HD starts at 720p, full HD is considered 1080p. With 1080p video streams, the Nest Cam indoor cam delivers higher resolution than many of its competitors, although you can drop it to 720p if you want to use less bandwidth.

Night Vision

Nest Cam never disappointed in terms of video quality, even in night mode. The camera's 3-megapixel lens, which is ringed by eight LED lights, picks up impressive detail and shows good contrast with uniform lighting out to around 20 feet. It is also very smart - it doesn’t switch between day and night modes when you direct a bright light towards it such as a torch, for example.

You can activate night-vision mode manually to capture low-light areas; it will also turn on automatically when the lights go out. Still, the Nest Cam indoor offers solid night vision for when you need to keep an eye on your home in the evening and a crispy daytime image of your pets lounging around the house while you're at work.

Field of View

Not only does the video quality matter, but so does how wide a home security camera can see, or the field of view(FOV). The range of what wide-angle lenses can view is from 100 to 180 degrees. The Nest Cam indoor cam has a 130-degree field of view, which means it can easily cover most normal size rooms - don't forget it's an indoor camera only, if you want a security camera outdoor to monitor your driveway or entryway, you can go for the Nest Cam Outdoor:

Sometimes it's cold and wet outside and if the space is larger, a lens with a wider field of view will be needed.

Motion & Sound Detection

Nest Cam indoor cam has built-in motion and sound sensors that will trigger video recordings and push notifications. If it detects motion in its field of view, or picks up a sound, you’ll receive a notification that pops up on your phone. You can know if someone enters your room or your dog jumps onto the bed or sofa again when you leave home.

In case you won’t get swamped by a flood of alerts if your camera picks up a lot of sudden activity, the push notifications are limited to one every 30 minutes, which means once you receive an alert that the Nest Cam detects motion, you cannot receive any alerts for another 30 minutes.

While I certainly appreciated not being bothered by alerts every time my dog or cat past the lens, it did raise the question of what if two minutes after a trigger by pet movement, a burglar breaks into your home? But, if you add a Nest Aware subscription, the video history can keep track of all motion and sound detection events, so you won’t miss anything that happened.

The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera also comes with a built-in mic and speaker providing two-way audio capability. When viewing the video steam, you can click on the Talk button on the app to connect to the speaker on the camera. A blue flashing light will appear on the front of the camera accompanied by a beep sound signaling for someone on the other side to talk. Then you’re able to talk to your dog through the camera to direct him to where the dog food, bowls, etc were located.

Wi-Fi Capability

The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is a Wi-Fi enabled camera and like all connected home devices, Nest Cam can only work when your Wi-Fi is working. Literally all you need to do is download the app and create an account, then enter your WiFi password and it will auto connect, you can watch the little green light on the front of the camera to ensure it has successfully connected to a Wi-Fi network.

A good internet connection and plenty of bandwidth is needed to use the Nest Cam and Nest Aware together. As per Nest estimates, a single Nest Cam running at 720p will use 60GB of upload bandwidth each month, and 140GB when recording in 1080p.


The Nest Cam's impressive features do come at a cost though. The camera costs $199 in the US. In addition, you need an expensive monthly or yearly Nest Aware subscription and other Nest products to avail all the features.

Nest Aware is Nest cloud service which provides cloud storage, superior motion detection, the ability to create and save video clips, and Action Zones where you can select the area to be notified about - without Nest Aware, you can only view snapshots that are taken whenever motion is detected, and even then, those are only kept for up to three hours.

The first month of Nest Aware comes free, and subsequently, subscriptions cost $10 a month for a 10-day video history stored in the cloud and $30 a month for a 30-day video history. Sure it's a bit expensive, but the Nest Cam Indoor cam is a pretty good security camera all things considered.

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