Dr Olivia's Enteric Coated Fish Oil + Black Cumin Seed Oil, Vitamin D3 & Resveratrol for Cardiovascular, Inflammation & Immune Support [3-Month Supply]

  • ENTERIC COATED FOR LESS BURPING - Have you experienced the room clearing effects of fish breath? Rejoice because our fish oil is purity certified, stabilized & goes down smooth in our enteric coated soft-gels which dramatically reduces those nasty fish burps.
  • FISH OIL IS ESSENTIAL, BUT IT'S NOT ENOUGH - Yes fish oil supplementation is essential to get those good fatty acids, but fish oil alone will leaver your body wanting more to achieve peak inflammation & immune response
  • BLACK CUMIN SEED OIL - It's not as popular as some other nutrients out there, but do some research and you will discover this to be an inflammation and immune support superpower.
  • VERIFIABLE EXPERTISE - Dr. Olivia Joseph is a clinical nutritionist with a Bachelor's degree in Human Biology. She also holds a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree and is board certified in both acupuncture and Chinese medicine.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Feel a difference or your money back!
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