Self Tanner with Natural & Organic Ingredients: Sunless Tanning Lotion for Flawless Darker Skin, Thermalabs Dark Fake Tan with Self Tanners Best Sellers 4.7 Oz Self Tanning Lotion for Face & Body Thermalabs

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  • BRONZE YOUR SKIN SAFELY WITHOUT THE DAMAGING SUN AND UV RAYS: Spending too much time in sunbeds or tanning outside without sunscreen damages the skin causing premature aging, wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Thermalabs' Golden Standard Self Tanner is a sunless dark bronzing lotion that protects your skin's natural beauty by giving you the healthiest option for tan skin. Get a luxury glow without the danger of UV rays, hours spent in tanning beds or expensive airbrush spray tans
  • DON'T BE EMBARASSED BY PALE SKIN ON YOUR NEXT BEACH TRIP: Give your pale skin some color before travelling by using Golden Standard self-tan lotion for the healthiest, beach-ready glow. You'll look beautiful on the beach with Golden Standard Self Tanner even if you've spent all winter indoors! Golden Standard provides a gradual, instant bronzing that allows you to select the color that best suits your skin tone resulting in an extremely natural looking suntan
  • NO STREAKS OF FAKE ORANGE COLOR WITH GOLDEN STANDARD'S NATURAL BRONZE: Low quality self-tanners leave your skin orange so your tan looks fake! Our self-tanning lotions give you a natural-looking, even tan that is golden bronze. Use it anywhere on your body or face; it can even be applied to cover tan lines for an all over natural glow. The organic cream formula prevents false tan streaking and makes application suitable for facial and body uses. No orange streaks, guaranteed!
  • NO TELL-TALE CHEMICAL SMELL OF FAKE TANNER: Almost every self-tanning lotion, cream, spray and mousse on the market today have a lingering chemical scent that smells fake after it's applied. Thermalab's Golden Standard organic Self Tanner has a naturally unscented fragrance because it does not contain harsh chemicals. Formulated with minerals and Aloe Vera, the lotion is infused with the best essentials to care for your sensitive skin
  • GOT SENSITIVE SKIN OR PALE SKIN FROM SPENDING TIME INDOORS? THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE TANNING LOTION FOR YOU! Golden Standard Self Tanner by Thermalabs is the most effective sunless tanner for all skin types. Suitable for everyone: men and women of all ages give our tanning lotion the best reviews for its natural look and express tanning results. Care for your skin with Golden Standard's deluxe Self Tanner. We provide a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to ensure your satisfaction
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