Organic Dry Shampoo Powder; for Instant Unwashed Volume and Style; Best for Brunette, Brown, Dark Red and Black Hair Colors; Clean All Natural Scent Dry 'Poo for Those No Wash Days; 1.75oz Beauty by Earth

$10.99 $14.99
  • REFRESHED HAIR ANYWHERE: Shampooing less? You're not alone. There are so many benefits to switching to a dry shampoos that we couldn't help but create one ourselves! Un wet your styling for texture and volumizing while keeping your moisture. Our new miracle powder 'poo makes sure your hair stays clean, fresh, and beautiful without drying it out. Just spray it on, massage it in, and go - no water required. .
  • 100% VEGAN AND NON TOXIC: Dry shampoos aren't anything new, so what makes ours different? Easy: we use only natural, sustainably sourced products. Just because you're shampooing less doesn't mean you want to cover your head with questionable, unsafe, or irresponsible ingredients. Our dry shampoo is USDA Organic, non gmo, gluten free, sulfate and paraben free.
  • REVIVES HAIR WITHOUT LEAVING RESIDUE: Your hair is unique, and you deserve a shampoo made just for you. That's why we designed a dry shampoo specifically for dark hair. Whether you have brunette, dark red, brown or black hair this shampoo is for you. And we've even made sure that our essential oil blend smells great on both men and women so absolutely anyone can use it.
  • REMOVES EXCESS OIL AND GREASE: Because it doesn't require water, you can simply clean your hair anytime, anywhere.There's nothing easier than using our dry shampoo. Just brush, apply, and style for big volumized hair. Whether you're looking for an at-home shampoo alternative or a portable way to refresh your hair while you're on the go, our powdered spray is for you.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE AND CRUELTY FREE: At Beauty by Earth, we take sustainability seriously. All of our products, including our dry shampoo are eco friendly and made with
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