ANCwear Storage1 Trunk Storage, Large, Space Bags ANCwear

  • ALL OF LIFE'S NEEDS: Grocery shopping, Emergency and Cleaning supplies, Sports balls and Golf equipment, Travel and backseat accessories, car truck storage for groceries and long car trips, tools and toys.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Built using premium materials like 600D polyester and reinforced walls to make sure it can stand the test of time for all your busy needs.
  • ANTI SLIP / ANTI SPILL: Nothing worse than an organizer that flies all over the place and goes from side to side when turning corners . That is why we added HEAVY DUTY anti slip grips. Also it is SPILL RESTITANT in case your car fluids bottles leak or groceries bags carrying eggs and other delicates get crushed nothing happens to your trunk. Our organizer is EASY TO CLEAN!
  • VERSATILE DESIGN- The unique design by EcoGreen Storage Organizer allows customization of storage space. Foldable, collapsible and multi sizes form factor allow multiple uses of various sized items. Great for when packing for a long vacation trek or simple everyday use
  • LIFETIME / ALWAYS SHIPS FROM USA: We stand behind our products and make sure you will be 100% satisfied, if there is an issue contact us and we will solve it. The EcoGreen Storage Premium Trunk Organizer ALWAYS ships from USA, ing you fast delivery and fantastic customer service!
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