Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers - Orthopedic Memory Foam - Contoured Pain Relief Support Wedge for Sciatic Nerve, Hip Joint & Leg Pain - Hypoallergenic Washable Bamboo Cover, Maternity Xtreme Comforts Xtreme Comforts

$14.99 $49.97 (FREE Shipping)
  • KNEE PILLOW FOR BACK PAIN -Why it works: This pillow was specifically designed to have a half moon hourglass contour shape to fit perfectly between the knees. Provides Ergonomic Lower Leg Support for Hip & Spine Alignment, stays in place while you sleep for MAXIMUM COMFORT & PAIN RELIEF!
  • LEG WEDGE PILLOW USES: Anyone suffering from back, hip, leg, knee or sciatica nerve pain. Also pregnancy and those with past leg injuries or recovering after surgery who need elevation of the leg or foot to reduce swelling. Helpful to those in Wheelchairs. REDUCES PRESSURE BETWEEN THE KNEES and Improves Circulation. - Experience extreme comfort
  • STRONG DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: We combined the 2 layer body active memory foam pillow with a high quality soft Eco friendly BAMBOO COVER and extra strong zipper. The cover is HYPOALLERGENIC, removable and MACHINE WASHABLE. Bamboo provides superior cooling breathability but is also ultra durable for everyday use!
  • IF YOU NEED : Body positioners, bed wedges, knee spacer or abduction pillow with ergonomically best design to help with bulging disc treatment or pain therapy management this is it. Keeping the leg elevated while relieving stiffness in the hips will help improve blood circulation & allow you the restful long nights sleep you deserve.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: We, at Xtreme Comforts, have given our best to create a premium quality memory foam pain relief knee pillow that would be everything you needed. If however you aren't completely satisfied with it, don't worry; it comes to you covered by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!
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