Ovvio Essential Oils Unwind Stress Relief Blend, Relaxes & Rejuvenates Your Senses, Best Therapeutic Grade for Aromatherapy, Natural and Unfiltered 15 ml Ovvio Oils

  • THE UNWIND STRESS RELIEF BLEND contains essential oils from France, Italy, Egypt, and India to create a powerful natural relaxation and stress reduction formula. All of our essential oils stand apart by using only the highest quality, potent, and pure plant sources from all over the world. Our experts have over 30 years' experience masterfully and artistically blending the oils by hand to create the perfect mix
  • POTENTIAL BENEFITS AND USES: Unwind Anxiety Relief essential oil can be used for natural relaxation, stress relief, natural anxiety reduction, and for creating a calming, peaceful atmosphere. Try diffusing this oil at work for a stress-free day at the office! Our users also report calming effects at home before bedtime. The Unwind blend is created from 8 powerful essential oils, which are combined to form a unique and effective stress and anxiety reliever
  • PURE 100% EXTRACTS - NO DILUTION: You and your family deserve genuine, undiluted oils. There are many oils on the market, so how do you know the difference? Many oils claim to be premium, therapeutic, and aromatherapy grade, but are actually mass produced, diluted, industrial oils. We spend the extra time searching the globe to bring you the absolute best quality oils
  • QUALITY OIL YOU CAN COUNT ON: We evaluate a variety of factors when sourcing oils, like ensuring the optimal climate, good harvesting practices, excellent soil conditions, proven distillation practices, and sound storage methods. The result is the absolute best quality grade, potency, and pure essential oils you can buy
  • EXPERIENCE ALL OF OUR ESSENTIAL OILS: We expertly craft a number of proprietary blends as well as offer other single oils that will serve all of your aromatherapy needs. Some of our most popular blends include: Inhale (Respiratory), Slumber (Rest and Recovery), Unwind (Stress Relief), Enhance (Mood Lifting), and Thief Plus (Germ Protection). Popular Single Oils include: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Rosemary. Search for Ovvio Oils to see them all
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