Partsam 2 x 3157 3456 3156 White 7000k Amber 3000k Switchback Front Turn Sginal Light Projector LED Super Bright +Resistors Partsam

$18.99 $29.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!These will only work for dual function lights that have both the parking/city light and turn signal function in one bulb.
  • Cross Reference: 3047 3057 3157 3357 3457 4057 4114 4157 3057A 3157A 3357A 3457A 4157NA 3156 3155 3456 P27W. Package include: 2x Light Bulbs,2x Load Reisistor for 02-06 JEEP Liberty,1994-2015 JEEP Wrangler,03-15 FORD Explorer,2013-2015 CADILLAC Escalade,2013-2014 CHEVROLET Camaro/FORD Edge/FORD Flex 2013-2015 FORD Taurus 2000-2004 FORD Focus 05-09 FORD Mustang, 2003-2015 CHEVROLET Express,98-05 GMC Jimmy,03-15 GMC Savana,97-01 JEEP Cherokee
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!:If you are not sure your socket type ck or standard , please use the keyword (CK or Standard Test) on youtube ,the video will show you how to test the socket.( please check before placing an order , Our bulbs come with Standard Base(SK Type), NOT CK Type, put standard bulbs into CK type sockets , the bulb will not work or only the amber turns on while the other doesn't, also POP THE FUSE may occur.-- Most TOYOTA vehicle use CK socket.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!(1)Don't forget Risistors if flashing,Blinking or Code error problems occurrs!!! (2)If you bulb does not light or occurrs blinker, please check if your relay is broken and whether your socket is senescent or not.!!!(3)For 7443 and 3157,please raise the pin when installing the bulbs if your bulb does not light or occurrs blinker
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!Please check your vehicles owners manual or the original bulb to confirm the bulb size before placing an order. The lamp compatibility guides available online and Amazon filter system not accurate all the time
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