Partsam 4x LED Front Rear Side Marker Light Indicator for Boats Truck Trailer Amber & Red Partsam

$14.59 (FREE Shipping)
  • Partsam (2Red+2Amber) side marker LED clearance lights, each light with 6 LEDs inside; Snap-on, replaceable, durable lens.
  • Function as clearance Lamps, side marker or identification light,Trailer Light etc. Universal for 12V vehicles like Pickups Truck Trailers SUV van Caravan and Boat Lorry Bus etc.
  • Features sonically sealed, waterproof lens and housing in a single unit; Two-wire design includes both lead wire and ground wire for mounting to all surfaces.
  • Light Size: 101mm x 49mm x 23mm (4' x 2' x 1'); Hole Distance: 75mm (3')
  • EASY TO INSTALL - 2 Wires Connection: White wire is Negative and Black is Positive.
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