Pheasant Tail Feather Craft Supplies - 14-18" Golden Brown Natural Home Decor 10pcs Zucker Feather Products

  • Our Assorted Natural Ringneck and Golden Pheasant Tail Feathers have Golden Brown Hues with subtle Dark natural markings showing through. These High Quality Feathers measure from 14-18 inches long and come in a package of 10!
  • Pheasant feathers have many uses! From Fly tying, making Dream Catchers topiary filler or wedding decorations, the natural beauty of feathers is a must! All Feathers are carefully Steamed and Sterilized before they are packaged and shipped to your door.
  • The uses for our Pheasant Tail Feathers are endless, from Dress making, Costumes and Dress up to Home decor, Embellished Hats, Hair Accessories, Jewelry, floral arrangements and nearly any arts and crafts project you can imagine.
  • Our Pheasant Tails are an easy way to add some charm and whimsical flare to all your DIY Projects Ideas
  • Zucker Feather Products has been in business since 1872 . We sell cruelty free feather products for Craft & Costume, Fashion & Jewelry Design, Bridal & Lingerie, Millinery, Holiday & Decor, Television, Film, Theater, and more! We strive to be a step ahead of competition in quality, pricing, customer service, and product options.
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