GDPet 10 Piece Including Cat Teaser Wand Interactive Feather Toy Fluffy Mouse Mylar Crinkle Balls Catnip Pillow for Kitten/Kitty Upsimples

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  • 10PCS cat toy variety pack to keep your cats entertained - Pack of 10 pieces including a cat fishing pole, various feather toys and catnip pillow will bring out the most fun even for the pickiest cat. Your cat will not get bored easily. If one toy gets missing under the bed or fridge, which is always the case, fetch out another one and your cat will become all excited again
  • Busy cats, healthy cats - You get a fishing wand with a dangling fish and bell to play with your energetic kitties; a catnip pillow with fresh catnip to attract your older calm cats; a swaying furry mouse and a mouse-in-a-rolling-cage for you furry warrior to chase; 2 mylar crinkle balls and 4 colorful feather mice toys for your cats to hunt and hide. All-in-one cat toy pack to stimulate the most of your cat's hunting instincts, helping your cats stay fit and healthy
  • Burning off extra energy from your kitties - Cats born active, especially kittens, they all like playing games. With bright color and jingling sound, GDPet cat toys are designed to distract and keep your cats occupied. These toys are small enough for cats to chase and carry around and fun enough to keep your cats busy for hours; save your furniture from your cats paws by giving them some real toys to have fun
  • Bonding with your cats by playing together - A superb choice to ease the nervousness of a new cats. By playing with your cats with different toys, you get to know them better and you cats will thank you for bringing them so much fun
  • Great value - Instead of buying single cat toy one by one, you get various toys in 1 package. Try and see which toy is your cat's favorite, or sometimes they just love them all! We offer you best solution and promise replacement or money back in case your cats are not satisfied
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