Plant Stem Cell Beauty Anti-Aging & Anti-Wrinkle Serum (Imported from Korea) 1 fl. oz. - Clinical Strength Plant Stem Cell Beauty

  • THE ONLY TRUE PLANT STEM CELL THERAPY: Plant Stem Cell Beauty/Cambial Meristematic Immortal Cells (CMC Korean Anti-Aging serum contains the secrets of imported Korean beauty that uses immortal plant stem (meristematic) cells from the wild ginseng plant; our active & immortal cells can self-renew. The cells provide your skin with restorative cells for immediate anti-aging skin restoration
  • ANTI-AGING: Our Korean scientists developed a unique way to extract the ginseng plant's stem cells (PSC). The Plant Stem Cell anti-aging serum helps improve: skin texture, restoring skin tone, rebuilds elasticity of the skin, repairs damaged collagen, reduces deep & fine skin lines, and skin firmness
  • HOW ARE WE UNIQUE? Other brands use "stem like" but not true stem cells. The meristematic cells used in our Plant Stem Cell Beauty's restoration serum are true & active cells. This allows for ultimate skin results: increased collagen, face lifting, repair of damaged skin cells/free radicals, maximized moisture absorption, & increased skin cell fibers for greater elasticity
  • REVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE: Plant Stem Cell Beauty Anti-Aging Serums Wild Ginseng stem cell is the world's first skin repair plant stem cell serum that uses plants stem cells successfully isolated and cultured to restore your skin on an unprecedented level; the results are that your skin will look healthier and you will look younger in 6 weeks
  • SAVE 20% & LOOK YOUNGER IN 6 WEEKS: Want skin irritation relief, in-depth moisturization, and anti-aging protection all in one? Save 20% with our Plant Stem Cell Beauty Rejuvenation Collection (cream, serum, & mask)
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