PlayFur Pets | The Fox Trapeze - 3 interactive toys in 1 for small to large dog breeds. Stuffing free fox, rope ball, and nylon bone. PlayFur Pets

  • Dogs love to play tug of war and you love tough, interactive chew toys. It is a WIN-WIN situation for you and your pet with the new Fox Trapeze! Combination rope ball, chew toy, and stuffingless toy will keep your dog entertained for weeks.
  • Big dogs, small dogs, dachshund and pitbull will all enjoy the Fox Trapeze! Designed as 3 toys in one including a durable chew toy, squeaky stuffingless plush, and tug of war rope ball. Keep Fido happy and control aggressive chewers with one toy!
  • Fox Trapeze is here to keep your busy, intelligent dog entertained for hours on end. The unique design combines a squeaky, stuffingless fox with a durable chew toy attached to a sturdy tug of war rope. An interactive toy your pet is sure to enjoy!
  • A pet toy for all your dog's needs! The Fox Trapeze combines a sturdy bone for the aggressive chewer, a stuffing free small toy for squeaking fun, and a tug of war rope for interactive play. Don't miss out on the limited availability of this new toy!
  • Do you have a German shepherd that loves tug of war? Or a dachshund who loves to get a new squeaky stuffingless plush? Keep all your furry friends happy with one interactive toy for big and small dogs alike with the Fox Trapeze.
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