Set of 3 "Please Be Patient Student Driver" Safety Sign Vehicle Bumper Magnet - Reflective Vehicle Car Sign Sticker Bumper for New Drivers Yacoto

$6.99 $14.99 (FREE Shipping)
  • The Magnetic Sign Decal is made of black lettering that perfectly combined with a vibrant yellow background color which is so readable even a distance. By being noticeable to the nearby drivers will prevent accident for they will give you patience, respect and enough space to practice.
  • The bumper magnet can easily be switched from vehicle to vehicle or to another metal surface as it is removable and reusable.
  • SET OF 3 - One For Each Side & the Rear - Reflective for added safety in low light or night time driving conditions.
  • It reduces your level of nervousness while getting experience on driving. These magnets hint other motorists to stay away from you, thereby reducing tailgating and bothersome honking. You will have a better environment to focus on learning how to drive, without having to risk irritating other drivers.
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