Quwei 4Pcs Polishing Buffing Drill Pad Mop Wheel for Manifold Aluminum Stainless Steel Chrome Quwei

$10.58 (FREE Shipping)
  • Specially designed for polishing recessed aread such as mag wheels, motorcycle wheels manifolds.The various shapes and diameters made it possible to reach 99% of the nooks.Cotton Buffing Polishing Drills Flannelette Polishing Mushroom Stainless Buffing Polishing Wheel Drill Polishing Flannelette T-Shaped Stainless wheel polisher for drill
  • Use with any drill (drill in photo is not included).They fit onto any size drill and will not come off while you are using it. Like anything, it will take time to perfect- each buffer piece fits into all of the small crevices of your rims and does the job right!
  • Shine your faded wheels, manifolds etc.Use of a variable speed drill prevents rotating the pad too fast and flinging off the polishing compound and prematurely shredding the padding materiaI.
  • Shanks are 1/4" round and continue with hex shape so it does not slip on your drill.The pad mops are made out of good quality material, of multiple layers of fabric sewn together in the center.
  • Diameter :Conical :50mm ; cylindrical:40 mm ; mushroom: 70mm ; Wheel: 50mm Handle diameter: 5mm Handle length: 35mm Material: lint
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