Premium Essential Oils & Herbs Patch for Topical Pain Relief by Eiji Essentials - Easy to Use - Perfect for Simple Backaches, Aches. Bruises & Sprains - with Capsicum Extract & Korea Red Ginseng Naturo Sciences

$9.97 $19.97 (FREE Shipping)
  • RELIEVE YOUR BACKACHES: In our everyday lives a backache, a sprain or suffering from pain can be quite difficult to handle; that's what our pain patch is here for. Use it and let it reduce your pain and allow you to go back to your everyday routine!
  • ALLEVIATE YOUR PAIN THE NATURAL WAY: Reduce your level of pain and discomfort without using any dangerous chemicals or medicine; our formula is a proprietary blend of strictly organic ingredients, combining essential oils and herbs, capsicum extract and Korea red ginger!
  • IDEAL ORGANIC SOLUTION FOR A VARIETY OF OCCASSIONS: This penetrating pain relief patch is an ideal natural therapy for all kinds of conditions. Either it is a simple back pain, an ankle sprain, a strong bruise or aches and pains, it's guaranteed to facilitate movement and ease your pain!
  • STRONG & STURDY CONSTRUCTION: We, at Eiji, are the first and most demanding customers for our own products. That's why we use the best quality materials and modern production processes - so that we can offer you the highest end quality pain relief patches that will rise up to your highest standards!
  • YOUR BEST VALUE-FOR MONEY CHOICE: We've worked hard to offer you the best pain relieving, natural oils and organic herbs patches your money can buy. Because, in this wide and demanding market, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!
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