Premium Heavy Duty Jumper Booster Cables No Tangle Design (600 Amp 2 Gauge 20 Feet) Unique Imports

  • MUST-HAVE FOR ALL VEHICLES: Keep these 600AMP 2 gauge 2' long jumper cables in your trunk at all times. Our commercial quality automotive vehicle booster cables are a must for any emergency kit so you can safely jump your vehicle's battery and get you going when necessary.
  • TROUBLE-FREE USE: Color identification of cables prevents crossing of wires: Red (+) Black (-). For any car, SUV, RV, van, truck, tractor, or bus. Tangle-free flexibility.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Two gauge cables made with copper clamps for excellent contact. Serrated jaws on high-tension parrot clamps with non-slip rubber coating that together create the most secure connection and grip.
  • ADAPTABLE TO ALL WEATHER: Temperature resistant shielding for all climate types, including extreme hot or cold. Oil, chemical, and water-resistant PVC jacket keeps cables flexible in all weather conditions
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 set of 600 AMP, 2 Gauge 20 Ft jumper cables and handy travel bag to keep them conveniently coiled in your trunk.
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