Pro-Lift I-8006R Red Multi-Function Power Bank Jump Starter (Starting Current 350 Amps and Peak Current 700 Amps) PRO-LIFT

  • Pro Lift I-8006 Power Bank Jump starter provides SPARK FREE protection; It prevents SPARKS if clamps are touched together or hooked up to the incorrect battery terminals; With starting current of 350 Amps, it gives you the ability to jump start most gasoline vehicles out there.
  • Pro Lift I-8006 is a multi functional lithium vehicle jump starter , Power bank, Flashlight, all in one; The 6,000 mAh device provides up to 5V/2A USB output, it gives you the ability to charge two USB devices simultaneously, both your Apple, Android or other portable devices.
  • The sleek pocket-size jump starter is about the same size of regular power banks in the market; With the dimension of 5.5 x 3 x 0.5 inches and weight of 5 oz., you can carry it anywhere you go.
  • In addition, it also features - short circuit protection, over voltage protection, inverse charge protection, over current protection, and more.
  • Pro Lift I-8006 Portable booster battery pack is your must have back up power source for your portable devices and car battery jumper for your emergency needs.
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