Professional Hair Straightening Brush By Miko With MCH Heating Technology, Ceramic Hair Straightener, Adjustable Temperature, Auto Lock, And Anti Scald Functions For Silky, Natural, Frizz Free Hair Miko

$14.99 $54.95
  • HAIR STRAIGHTENING TOOL WITH NO MORE FRIZZ- With Our Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Brush, You'll Be Able To Tame Your Frizz and Feel Confident and Beautiful. Save Time With MCH Technology Which Heats Up in 1 Minute So You Can Quickly Straighten Out Those Frizzy Strands Of Hair. The Hair Straightener Is Slim and Light to Glide at Ease While Brushing Through Your Hair.
  • SCALP MASSAGE AND STIMULATION- The Hair Straightening Brush by Miko Provides A Soothing And Relaxing Scalp Massage, Stimulating The Hair Follicles And Promoting Blood Flow While Straightening Out Your Hair to Perfection. Control The Temperature With The LCD Screen Functions To Your Comfort Level At Ease. The Hair Straightener Brush Makes it As Easy As Combing Your Hair To Get That Beautiful Straight Finish.
  • PARABEN AND CHEMICAL FREE- We can Assure You That Our Hair Straightener Has No Nasty Chemicals Intruding And Ruining Your Beautiful Hair. Protecting Your Hair Is Our #1 Priority. That's Why We've Added Temperature Control, Anti Static, Anti Scald, Auto Lock, And Auto Shut-Off Functions.
  • ULTRA SLEEK, LIGHT, DURABLE, AND PORTABLE DESIGN- Hair Straightener Enables You To Look Beautiful On The Go. Travel Easily And Maintain Your Hair With Ease. Easy And Effortless Storage Options Reduces The Clutter.
  • NO QUESTIONS ASKED WARRANTY- Rest Assured With Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
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