BRITENWAY Auto Kick Mats for Full Back Seat Protection from Liquids, Stains, Mud & Dirt-Extra Long, Adjustable Car Seat Back Covers Made of Durable Fabrics, Universal Car Accessories-Value Pack of 2 briteNway

$12.95 $19.99
  • GREAT QUALITY- In order to provide products of supreme traits, we had to focus on quality. And that is what we did! One of the best fabrics available on the market has been used for the production of our deluxe kick mats. Perfect for anyone that takes good care of his car. Specially made to protect your back seats from any stains, dirt and mud!
  • VAST COVERAGE- Different types of cars require diverse kinds of equipment. Not anymore, because this mat can provide full coverage every car seat as it consists of adjustable buckle attachments. From the headrest to the bottom you can be sure no foulness will infiltrate your seat!
  • STYLE & FUNCTION-Maintain the beauty of your interior and provide full protection with our classy, black mats that will blend perfectly with your seats! Just to make your decision easier, think that the cost doesn't even measure to all the time and money you will save from a professional cleaning that a dirty seat may require!
  • EASY TO CLEAN- After a long trip with your entire family, coming home seems like a nightmare, when you think about cleaning the car. With these Kick Mats cleaning is a piece of cake. You either spray them with your hose in the backyard or put them in the washing machine and they will be ready for another trip in a few hours.
  • EXTRA STRONG- Thanks to its remarkable construction, these mats can support high pressure with no danger of ripping. Therefore, you can rely on our superb product to keep your car safe and clean for a long time!
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