Hidden Spy Camera Security Camera Outdoor Home Mini Camera Spy Camera Voice Control Camera HD IR Camera 1080P Imaging Low Energy Super Environmental Protection IR Night Vision Lights ALYDUOW

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  • * VOICE-CONTROLLED VIDEO RECORDING - This new product, self-recording video when detecting sound & keeping standby when no sound, is a super smart monitoring camera, only records the most valuable & significant video files. When placed in a sound > 85dB environment, surveillance camera can automatically work and video. When place in a sound < 85dB environment and nothing constantly move before the lens, safety camera will turn to standby status, then loop working in this way.
  • * LOW ENERGY COMSUPTION & SUPER ECO-FRIENDLY - Inbuilt 760mAh lithium battery, this product takes about 2 hours to be fully charged, but it's probable to use constantly for 1 ~ 3 days.
  • * PROTECT OUR PRIVACY - This product protects our privacy to a certain extent. All electrical devices linked to internet face an awkward no-privacy situation. Security camera doesn't link with any WIFI, nor link to internet via any medium, so it protects our privacy to some extent.
  • * VERY SMALL, VERY LIGHT & EASY TO USE - This product, small in size and light in weight, can be carried around very easily and made recording very comfortably. Inbuilt powerful magnet, ultra-small hidden camera can absorb on iron objects and do video-recording whenever wherever. It's a best choice for using as spy cameras and pinhole cameras.
  • * HD VIDEO & INFRARED NIGHT LAMP - This product, of video resolution 1920*1080 & 30fps, is a real HD video camera. Hold TF card up to 32GB, installed 7pcs invisible infrared night lamps, this infrared camera can work in all 24 hours. It can automatically open and close infrared video according to the video environment's light flux, the application of this product: Personal/home security, evidence collection, drive-car recording, office, warehouse, supermarket, school, etc.
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