Earth's Pearl Vitamin D3, K2, and Probiotic, 3-in-1 Dietary Supplement, 5000 iu - 90 Day Supply Earth's Pearl

  • VITAMIN-RICH FORMULA: This ultimate flora probiotic contains beneficial bacteria that are found in specific foods or supplements. These Pearl supplements help support the good bacteria that your digestive tract needs to fire on all cylinders, providing balanced protection and digestive relief. Probiotics complement prebiotics, the fiber that feeds friendly bacteria in the digestive system.
  • EFFECTIVE PEARL DESIGN: The innovative pearl form of these probiotic supplements makes them incredibly easy to swallow. It also makes these pills 15 times more effective than the average capsule because they deliver 15 times more live bacteria directly to the source: your intestinal tract. The delivery system of our pearls is one of a kind, producing results that no other probiotics can.
  • BENEFICIAL BACTERIA: Did you know there is such a thing as healthy gut bacteria? It's true! Gut-healthy microbiota plays a few important roles, including crowding out unhealthy bacteria, increasing the absorption of minerals, and improving overall health. The Bifidobacterium are the major genera of bacteria that make up the GI tract and are one of the main ingredients in this supplement.
  • EASES DIGESTIVE DISTRESS: These supplements are specifically designed to provide relief from bloating and gas pain. They also help prevent future digestive problems. Additionally, these pearls are designed to provide time-released relief, so you can simply take 1 daily and feel relief throughout the entire day. This mineral supplement will help detox your body and keep it functioning well.
  • WHO WE ARE: At Earth's Pearl, we understand that every "body" has different needs. Because many bodily functions rely on gastrointestinal health we are dedicated to providing the best probiotics for all stages of life. These pearls deliver a powerful combination of Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and probiotics so everyone to have a healthy digestive system, and, by extension, a healthy body.
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