Sluban M38-0371 Aviation Blocks Plane Bricks Toy - Air Freighter, Green Sluban

$17.99 $19.99
Style: Air FreighterAmbulance AircraftCity Squad Car Set See More Choice
  • Material: ABS Plastic, Pieces: 383 PCs (Can build 1 Plane & 1 Car & 1 Goods & 1 Stair Climbing Vehicle & 4 Dolls)
  • Product Size: 【Plane】: 15.5" (Length)
  • 4 Sluban Dolls: The Sluban dolls using high simulation technology for presenting more vivid simulation environment. Through high simulation technology, the dolls' heads and wrists can be rotated 15 degrees, at the same time the waists can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • Wheels: The wheels use simulation rubber which can make the motion status of the car more similar with the real one.
  • Each set includes: Full Color Glossy Instructions, Mini Figures, Everything in the images.
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