Solofish Dog Running Leash Hands Free Training Leash Pet Safety Dog Leash for Training Walking Running Solofish

  • 1. MULTIFUNCTIONAL - hold the leash comfortable in your hand when you walk the dog,extra handles for extra control,also use the hands free waist belt or running belt to jog or run together with your pets
  • 2. SUPER DURABLE - the leash and the belts made of high quality weather resistant nylon and held together by strong ABS belt clips,fit for all dog sizes
  • 3. ADJUSTABLE - length of leash between 67' and 79', waist belt between 27' and 47', running belt between 27' and 39',allows both you and your dog a sense of freedom
  • 4. SAFE IN THE DARK - the entire length of dog leash and belt are stitched with reflective string to increase visibility and ensure you and your dog absolute safety
  • 5. Solofish Guarantee: If you feel dissatisfied, please let us know and then we will offer you a 100% money back guarantee!
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